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With all these choices from electric dog fences on the market, you could be wondering where to start. Aside from the obvious, you could be asking yourself about the differences between both. Let us take a look at the benefits and pitfalls of these equally.

  • Having a wireless pet fence, setup is a cinch. Everything that you will need to do is plug into your transmitter, specify the size of your containment circle, then plant your own flags, place the collar on your puppy, and train them.
  • Portability is just another valued feature. If you’re going camping, then you are able to take your fence with you. The same is true if you’re moving to a different residence. Only take it to a house and plug it into.

There are several distinct things that may lead to a wireless pet fence to neglect. 

In case you have one of these scenarios, a wireless pet fence isn’t suggested. Your pet will be able to escape, or the collar will shock the puppy as it should not.

Another matter with a wireless pet fence is your containment area has to exist in the kind of a circle. As a consequence, you can’t customize your own perimeter.  In addition, you can’t include just your front lawn or the backyard, for instance.

By comparison, a wired dog fencing project may comprise several acres of property, based on the kind of transmitter which you have.

Now, let us take a peek at how wired fences compare with this.

Wherever you put your dog fence cable, becomes the perimeter of your electrical dog fence.

Nothing surpasses the reliability of a wired electrical dog fence. Every one the things which will throw away a wireless fencing will have no impact on a wired fence.


As you may anticipate, the 1 thing which is harder in regards to a wired fencing is the setup procedure. Here’s a fast rundown of how to put in an electrical dog fence.

Remember there are several unique approaches to design your cable. But regardless of how you can do it, you need to have an entire circuit. This usually means your dog fence cable must start and end in precisely the exact same location.

Now you’ve laid out your cable, you’ll require a means to link your loop into the transmitter situated inside of your house. That’s what twisted cable is used for. Only splice the twisted cable to the 2 ends of your border loop and then take it into your house, in which you’ve got your transmitter situated.

Next, you hook up the cable to your cage. Just take the dog fence collar out to test it to the border. Whenever you know it’s working, now is the time to bury your pet fence wire.

Your cable ought to be buried around 3-6 inches deep. The simplest way to do this is to rent a cable trencher. It digs the groove, then plants the cable, then covers it up with grime also. Then you just have to insert the cable in the groove and then cover this up.

Generally, you must expect to spend approximately 1 day of work installing your wired electrical dog fence.


A wireless pet fence is simpler to set up, but it’s much less reliable of a remedy. Along with this, should you want to include greater than 3/4 of an acre of property, you’ll have to opt for a wired system.  Call us today at (845) 867-2500 for your free dog fence estimate.

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