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Have you ever heard that kids have many benefits from having a dog?

Choose carefully because not all dog breeds are good for kids and families, why?

What are the characteristics of the best dogs for kids?

Dogs for kids are: friendly, very gentle towards kids, tolerant, and playful.

Let’s look at the list of the top 10 best dog breeds for kids in the world.


Dog breed number ten Vizsla. Vizsla is an incredibly sensitive dog whose biggest wish is to be loved, a family member. They are ideal for the family which is able to provide them not only unlimited attention but also physical activity.

Vizsla dogs are: kind, loyal, energetic, quiet, and gentle. This dog breed is incredibly sociable and makes new friends very fast. They are vocal which means that they will make a lot of different sounds in order to show you what is going on and how are they feeling.

For every bit of attention, this dog breed will give you twice as much love to show you how happy they are to be a part of your life.

Even though this breed is recommended as a great dog among kids, you should consider getting this dog when your kid is 6 years old, why? The attention they require could be overwhelming for little kids. While walking and playing make sure to prevent them from running towards birds or other small animals.

Boston Terrier

Dog breed number nine Boston Terrier. Boston terriers are small, cute, and muscular dogs who got nickname ”American gentlemen“, why?

Those terriers are elegant pets famous for having friendly nature and getting along with the kids very well.

Boston terriers are: active, gentle, intelligent and friendly. In most cases, they are very good pets but sometimes they can be stubborn.

Anyways, they are very good dogs for beginners, life in an apartment or a house, and besides kids, they are very good for making a company to retirees.

Border Collie

Dog breed number eight Border Collie. Border collie served primarily as a herding dog for collection and controlling the flock. Still, their friendly characteristics, energy, agility, and intelligence make them the most popular choice for: family pet, dog sports and therapy dogs.

This is an extremely popular dog breed, mostly because of its intelligence. They have above-average capability and can be trained almost everything but they definitely prefer active training and dog sports.

Border collie dogs are: smart, energetic, responsible, careful, and persistent.

Does the herding instinct make them rough toward kids?

Their instinct for a herding sometimes makes them nibble on kids, but they are definitely not rough and provide children a lot of fun and make them very happy. As a friendly and playful dog, they can be a very good choice among families with kids.

Even though they are good dogs, they aren’t as good for beginners, why? Their amount of energy and endurance is almost unlimited so choose those dogs if you are an active family.

On the other hand, if you think their activity will make you feel bored after a while, then this dog is not for you.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dog breed number seven Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a very popular playful little dog breed. Besides being pretty, they are great with kids, and here is why!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs are: fearless, friendly, social, playful, kind, and patient. Those dogs absolutely adore attention. They are home dogs so they should not be left outside alone for a long time. They are extremely friendly towards kids, other dogs, and also strangers. Still, sometimes they run for smaller animals so they should be always on a leash when you go for a walk and also the garden should have a dog fence.

Irish Setter

Dog breed number six Irish Setter. Irish Setter is a dog primarily used for hunting, but their pretty appearance, friendly characteristics, high energy, and playfulness make them great pets for active families with or without kids.

Irish Setter dogs are: lively, kind, independent, energetic, friendly, and playful. As you can see, they have very good characteristics that make them a suitable choice also as therapy dogs in schools, retirement homes, and hospitals.

Irish Setter dogs demand a lot of physical stimulation so they are always ready for action. Still, as a hunting dog, they have a stronger hunting instinct so you should never leave them in an open place without supervision because they could run for small animals. Towards kids, strangers, and also other dogs they are very friendly and sociable.


Dog breed number five: Beagle. Cute and playful little beagles are extremely suitable for active families with or without kids. Their owners very often show affection towards them, why?

Beagles are: friendly, playful, curious, and determined.

It is very hard to resist those cute little dogs that are always sniffing, walking around and entertain all family members. They are very attached to the family, especially children. While playing, you should pay attention to them because they like to jump and catch things and toys, also sometimes the hand of your child. So supervising the game and let them
know what is not acceptable behavior.


Dog breed number four Pug.  If you choose Pug for a pet note that you cannot mistake it because it is an excellent dog for kids and also it is not very
demanding. A pug is a little, friendly, and a great home dog.

Pug dogs are: intelligent, stubborn, social, playful, careful, and quiet.

They adore being in the center of attention. Still, if you have a kid that would like a dog to play with in the backyard, then a pug is not the best choice. Pugs are sometimes stubborn and not very interested in dog games.

Now follows top 3 dog breeds for kids, ready?


Dog breed for kids number three: Poodle.  A Poodle is a friendly, smart, and playful dog that adores family, kids and it is a great dog for beginners.

If you are planning to get a smaller dog, then you should definitely consider getting a Poodle, why?

Poodle dogs are: smart, obedient, loyal, careful, and energetic.

They are known as beautiful dogs who enjoy various sports and socializing with family members. Poodle dogs are also well known as dogs that do not shed. They are good for everyone suffering from dog hair allergies. They are also good if you do not want dog hair all over your house and clothes.

Labrador Retriever

Dog breed for kids number two Labrador Retriever. Labrador retriever is definitely a good choice for families with or without kids. They are bigger dogs extremely playful, energetic
, and friendly.

Labrador retrievers are: friendly towards everyone, peaceful, sociable, committed, energetic, and playful. It is one of the best family dogs in the world, it is never a mistake to get one. They don’t only love children, they enjoy every moment spent with them.

Now follows the best dog breed for kids in the world. Ready?

Golden Retriever

The best dog breed for kids in the world is Golden Retriever. A Golden retriever is a big, gentle, and good dog who loves people and helping them. They are extremely sensitive and energetic so they will never deny playtime.

Golden Retriever dogs are: friendly towards everyone, confident, reliable, playful, kind, smart, and loyal. So, we could say kids and owners just adore these big furry dogs. If you are an active family and want a bigger dog for your child then this is the perfect breed for you. They require attention so they want to be with the family constantly.

Children definitely require special attention when it comes to choosing the right pet, don’t you agree? Not all dog breeds are equally good for children.


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