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Is your pet dog barking at delivery people? This is a common problem most fur parents encounter, and this can be inconvenient not only to the delivery people but to your neighbors as well. It might be a hard task for you as a pet owner to make your dog stop barking at delivery people, and this is fine because most dog owners go through this problem too. The reason why your dog barks at your mailman or delivery people are that they think that they are a potential threat. Your dog is alerting you about this by barking. Another reason why your dog might be barking is that they are not well-socialized. It is important for them to be well-socialized regardless of their age. If your dog is not exposed to new people, they will end up barking at people they encounter, including your delivery person.

Making your dog stop barking at delivery people is not easy, and you might need a lot of patience and time before actually making your dog stop barking at delivery people. Here are some tips you can do to be successful with your plan.

  • Give them treats if they remain quiet

Rewarding your dog if they remain quiet can be a successful trick to make them stop barking at your delivery people. Your pet can sense if there is an intruder, so if they bark at the delivery person, they are just informing you that there is someone in your home. Reward them with treats if they remain silent.

  • Ignore them

Although it might be your first instinct to yell at your dog or immediately open your door, your first step should be to ignore them to show them that you don’t reward their bad behavior. The best thing to do is to just open the door once there is silence and pat them for being a good dog.

  • Distract them

If your dog has a favorite toy, you can give this to them before opening the door to prevent them from barking. You can also send them their bed and immediately shut the door. This will eventually make them stop reacting to the door being opened.

  • Give them enough physical exercise

Taking your dog out for daily walks or frequent exercise helps with their mental stimulation. Once they are tired, they will not have the energy to bark anymore and will just rest.

Your pet may not be immediately taught to stay silent when there are unknown people or delivery people that go to your home. They are always meant to help inform us if there are any potential threats and dangers that are present in your home, so do not yell at them or punish them if they are barking as this will only worsen their bad behavior. Instead, do the steps above and they will surely eventually act appropriately when there are other people around, even if it is your delivery person.

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