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Okay I’m here today I’m going to show you how to splice these invisible type fencing wires correctly

Let’s say that these two ends of a wire represent a break in the ground.

In order to do a proper splice, you use the proper types of splices and you need to understand some things you need to do. If I were to repair this splice this is what would take place. I would, first of all, I have an extra piece of wire to splice in there so that I make sure that I’m not pulling the wire tight and the first thing I do is tighten tie that wire with a square knot to the to both ends of the broken wire

Now there’s plenty of slack there. If the wire was buried I wouldn’t be able to pull the ends together so I have to put that extra piece in there if I could get the ends together if the wire wasn’t buried and I could do this in one step once I have that tied then what I do is I’ll cut those off evenly I will strip about three-quarters of an inch half an inch off at the end of those.

Now that I have the ends all stripped first thing I do is use from the dog fence of North America splice kits I will use the wire nuts that are provided I simply match up the ends put a wire nut on in the traditional manner screw it down to where it’s snug and tighten both wires can’t be pulled out

Now I repeat the same process with the other connection. Here now the secret to making these connections waterproof and lasts forever is you use this grease tube splice here and how to use that is really simple it pops open simply by pulling this liftback and opening the little door. Now we insert the wire net into the tube which is filled full of waterproof synthetic grease and we push it clear to the bottom. We then separate the wires and close the lid and the wire comes out one’s wire on each side and it will snap shut once it’s snapped shut then we’ve got a good splice.

The reason we tie the knot is so that if any pressure gets applied to either end of this wire it does not all the wire nut out of the splice protection tube so that’s the reason we do this we would do this on both connections and then that we can throw that right out in the water. It doesn’t matter it’s a hundred percent waterproof. It’s a lifetime splice that you won’t have to go worried about finding and digging up later if you connect and splice the system in this way I hope that helps you now you understand if I can be of any service please feel free to call (845) 867-2500

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