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Are you planning to go swimming and cannot leave your pet dog behind? It is actually a good idea to bring them along to keep them entertained and socialized as well. Some dogs love the view and feel of the water as well, so bringing them along with you is great especially if it is summer. Our pet needs to feel refreshed too! However, you cannot guarantee their safety once you bring them to the pool. There are dogs that drown around the pool because their owners do not know how to keep them safe. So, if you do not know about dog safety when they are around the pool, it is best not to bring them around and risk their safety. However, if you are really eager to bring them along with you, this blog post will help you keep your dog safe around the pool.

Our four-legged pets also need to feel refreshed during summer especially if the heat is too much. Some dogs are trained and know how to swim, but some don’t. So, if you want to keep your dog safe around the pool, here are nine ways you can follow to ensure their safety once you brought them along to swim.

  • Make sure to supervise them properly

Never leave them alone beside or near the pool. Your dog can randomly jump into the pool if something triggers them such as if they drop their toy in the pool and etc.

  • See if your dog can swim

You can test your dog’s swimming skills by bringing them into a kiddie pool. Observe if they can swim and if they can, then it might be safe to bring them along.

  • Bring a life jacket

A life jacket can help your dog enjoy the pool without drowning. If they cannot swim, a life jacket will help them stay safe while swimming.

  • Train them

Make sure that your dog knows how to obey you when you ask them to sit or stay still.

  • Make sure your dog knows how to get out of the pool

Your dog may have trouble getting out of the pool once they have plunged in, so make sure they know how to get out of the pool.

  • Always keep an eye on your dog if they are near the pool

You might accidentally lose sight of your dog, so make sure you know where they because you will never know if they have plunged into the pool.

  • Do not let them drink pool water

The water contains chlorine which can be harmful to them to drink.

  • Join them in the pool

You can play along with them once they are swimming. This is a good idea to ensure that you are aware of how they are doing in the pool.

  • Have them attend swimming lessons

Before the actual swimming date, you can have them trained by a professional dog trainer to teach them how to swim.

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