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A rainy day has got to be one of the most frustrating days for your pups. Not only are they not able to take a walk outside, but they also have nothing else left to do inside your home once it rains. Unlike us humans, they don’t have much left to do indoors unless we set up something for them to keep them entertained, and it may be saddening to see them bored and upset because of the rainy weather. Luckily, rainy days won’t have to be as boring as it is anymore. You can do something to keep your pups entertained by giving them activities that they will surely enjoy. This way, rainy days won’t have to be boring for them, and for you as well! Seeing your pets enjoying and entertained during a rainy day surely makes you happy as well.

If you have no idea what to do to keep your pups entertained during a rainy day, we have the right activities you can do for them! Here are seven rainy dog activities you can set up to keep your pups entertained indoors or even outdoors!.

  • Hide treats and make them search for it

Sniff and search is a great activity for them to be entertained and practice their nose work as well. What you can do is hide treats in any part of your house and let them search for them through sniffing. Whether you want this activity to be easy or hard is up to you. What is important is that your pet can be entertained.

  • Call their best pal and invite them to play over

A surprise visit from one of their favorite friend dog is also a great idea to keep them occupied during a rainy day! This way, the other dog won’t feel bored as well and they are both enjoying it!

  • Let them chase and pop bubbles

Your dogs would probably be curious about bubbles and enjoy chasing them! Let them pop bubbles for them to enjoy indoors. There are also dog bubbles that can be purchased which have different flavors that your dog will surely love!

  • Play tug of war

This is a game that you can certainly play with your dog! All you have to do is find any rope you can use and play tug of war with your pet.

  • Play fetch

You can play this game even without a ball with your pet. Just look for something that they love playing with and they will surely come and get it.

  • Teach your dog new tricks

You can teach your dog new tricks so you can spend time with them while they are learning.

  • Take your dog to a pet-friendly coffee or brewery shop

Rainy days do not mean you should spend the entire day indoors, you and your pet can look for a pet-friendly shop and spend time there! Make sure that you keep them occupied as well.

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