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Being a fur parent brings so much joy to the family, especially to the owner. However, although some people own and have dogs as their pets, most of them do not know exactly how to take care of them. Loving your dog and showing affection to them is not enough. Your cute four-legged friend still needs other things aside from love and affection, and taking care of them is also a huge responsibility you should be ready for. It is amazing to have dogs around and watch them grow and learn new tricks, but if they are raised improperly or if they do not behave anymore like how they should, then you might probably be doing a mistake. You should also make them learn how to properly behave and how to be both responsible and obedient.

If you own a dog and you do not know much about how to properly raise them, then you might be doing the common mistakes dog owners make. To become a better fur parent, you must know what are mistakes you are doing as a dog owner. Here are five mistakes you might be doing as a dog owner.

  • Being afraid or not saying “no”

The charm of your pups and dogs might be the reason why you just basically let them get away with anything. But, this is not a good way to raise them. You are just tolerating their bad behavior and spoiling them. Do not be afraid to say no to your pet or tolerating them by not saying no.

  • No house rules

Letting your dogs and puppies do whatever they want while they are inside your home is another mistake you are doing as a dog owner. It is important that you impose house rules for them to follow. Loving your dog does not mean that you will just let them roam freely around your home. Imposing house rules prevent them from developing bad habits and behavior that you will eventually suffer from.

  • Not letting your puppy socialize

Allowing your pet to socialize as early as possible is vital for their development. This can prevent them from being afraid of other people and animals and also prevents them from developing aggressive tendencies.

  • Not giving them frequent walks

Taking frequent walks is good for humans, and while you are it, you might want to include your pet too. Outdoor walks help your dog remain well-behaved. 

  • Spoiling your dogs with treats

Treats are effective to make your dog obey you while you are teaching them tricks, but spoiling them with it is bad. It can cause them health problems. So, the next time you give your pet treats, keep in mind that giving them a few is alright, but too much is bad.

There are still a lot more mistakes that dog owners make especially if they are just new fur parents. If you are doing anything from the above list, make sure to change it for your dog’s development.

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