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Serving the Putnam, Dutchess and Westchester Counties in NY. Quality Pet Fences for less. We are the Hudson Valley’s #1 Invisible Fence alternative. 

Why should you get a dog fence?  Glad you asked…  🙂

• Electric dog fences are safer for your pet than traditional fencing
• Don’t worry about your pets while you’re away from home without having to come back and check on them constantly
• With a pet fence, you can manage the electric boundary so that it conforms to different-sized yards
• No more worrying about what could happen if your dog gets out – protect them today


Dog Fencing

We offer full installation of the most up to date pet fence. Guaranteed to keep your dog safely in the yard. Compare our prices to Invisible Fence or Dog Watch. We are much more affordable and will provide the necessary equipment for successful pet containment.

*prices vary based on acreage and number of dogs

Dog Training

With over 20 years of dog training experience, we can show you how to properly keep your dog behaved.  Please call for our various dog training packages.

$125/packages vary

Dog Fence Wire Break Repair

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we can repair your existing Invsible Fence or Dog Watch wire breaks.

$149/wire break repair
*prices vary based on amount of time and number of breaks in wire

Dog Owner Reviews

“The guys at Dog Fence Pros quickly installed an invisible fence for my lab. They came out for a free consultation and work began within a week. Definitely happy!”

“Tiffany is in love with her new dog fence. I was searching for a pet containment company near me and I found them to be the most affordable in the Poughkeepise area.”

“Their collars are the most up to date ones that I’ve seen out there. That was important for us when we decided on choosing a pet fence.”

Looking For A Professional?

If you are looking for a professional dog fence installation company, you should give us a call. It’s all we do. We aren’t general handymen who put in dog fences on the side. We are full time dog fence installers in the Hudson Valley and we also train dogs too! Our main area of business is Putnam, Dutchess and Westchester Counties. However we will travel to other areas if needed.

Get in Touch By Phone Or email

The fastest way to reach us is by phone. However you can e-mail us if you’d like. When e-mailing, please let us know how many dogs you have, your location, and approximate size of the yard.  We’ll be happy to help!

Why You Should Install an Electric Dog Fence in Your Yard

Letting your dog roam freely in the yard without worrying about his safety is a huge challenge. Unless you put him on a leash or have a physical barrier like a fence, you’ll always worry about his safety.

Like most owners, you won’t have peace of mind. Because for one minute, he could be running around the yard and the next minute he’s run onto the road where chances of getting into a traffic accident or getting stolen are high. And if you think to put him on a leash is a solution, think again. 

Restricting his movements with a leash will only cause him health problems. Besides, you’ll have to deal with a sad dog all day through. On the other hand,  erecting a physical fence to keep your dog in the yard seems like a lot of work and its costly too.

Also, having fences blocks excellent views in your neighborhood. Plus, if you’re renting, some landlords won’t permit you to erect a fence in their property. An electronic dog fence or invisible dog fence can cure all these frustrations. Read on to find how invisible fences can help you keep your dog safe.


The History of the Wireless Dog Fence

The first electronic dog fence was invented in the early 1970s and was promoted as an “electric fence”. At the time, most dog owners resisted the idea of having an electric fence out of the fear that these fences would harm their pets.

 But with time, people have become aware that these fences don’t work exactly like traditional electric fences. These fences are invisible, unlike the usual electric fences for restricting animals like cattle. Secondly, invisible fences produce mild static electric shocks that don’t harm the health of your pet. Their goal is to warn the pet not to cross the predefined boundaries.

How does an electric dog fence work?

 Wireless fences are designed to keep your pet safe within a set of boundaries, so you don’t have to put up a traditional fence or physical barrier. 

This fencing system comprises three essential parts, namely: a wireless dog collar, a transmitter, and a ground wire, which is buried in the ground. 

The system works like this.  Any time the dog moves towards a predefined boundary, a sound, and mild shock or both are released.

These sensations increase further if the dog nears the set boundary. Because they are unpleasant, your dog learns to obey these commands and won’t go near the invisible boundaries you set. 

It’s critical to note, however,  that people or animals not wearing the collar are not affected by this setup.

The latest models don’t come with a wire to bury in the ground. Instead,  they come with Wi-Fi(radio transmission) and motion detection to keep your pet safe. 

Though electric fences with in-ground wires are more popular because they are easy to expand and offer users more room to move.

Types of electric dog fences

 Wireless electric dog fences

Wireless electric dog fences are portable and don’t require any digging. Rather than digging the wire in-ground, they use Wi-Fi and motion-sensing technology. 

 When your pet nears the set boundaries, the wireless signals are sent to the collar, producing mild shock sensations or sound stop the pet.  

Furthermore,  these fences are portable so you can use them to monitor your dog when traveling with your dog to another location. They’re also relatively easy to set up as they don’t require any digging.

In-ground invisible dog  fences

This fencing system is made of a transmitter(radio waves), a wire buried in the ground and collar. The cable connects to your pet’s collar through radio signals from the transmitter. 

When your dog approaches a predefined boundary, a sound and mild shock are released to deter your pet from breaching the barrier.


Benefits of wireless dog fences


Invisible dog fences are secure by design, so your dog won’t need to climb or dig holes in the ground when trying to escape. 

 Any time your dog approaches the predefined boundary, a mild shock is triggered, which forces your dog to retreat. 

These sensations are not harmful in general and are, in most cases, are undetectable to your dog or pet. 


Electronic dog fences are quite durable by design as they use transmitters, which can withstand extreme temperatures without being damaged. Also, the collar worn by the dog is durable and long-lasting.

Easy to install

Installing a hidden dog fence isn’t rocket science. Most companies will install the system within two days, and this includes teaching the dog to obey boundary commands.

 You can install the system on your own if you follow the instructions on the manual. However,  you can have the system up and running fast if you use the services of professional installers. 

Besides, installers will also coach your dog to obey the commands as part of the package.

Handle most dogs temperaments

Invisible dog fences work on most dogs, whether big or small. Only a few dog temperaments cover this fantastic technology. 


Wireless dog fences are more affordable than traditional fences. Aside from being inexpensive, these fences are easy to maintain as they don’t need constant repair or repainting, unlike traditional fences.



Modern electric dog fences come with a plethora of correction settings, suitable to your dog’s size, prey instinct, and temperament. With these settings, your dog stays safe and is not harmed healthwise.


Most homeowners don’t like the look of chain link and privacy fences. This is because they distract the views outside and are costly to put up. Electric dog fences, on the other hand, are invisible, so they don’t affect the look of your yard negatively.

An excellent form of dog training

These fences are excellent at training your dog to obey specific commands, including instructing your dog to stay within a particular boundary. With time, your dog will understand the predefined limits and won’t try to breach them.

Great options for rental properties

Some rental properties prohibit tenants from erecting fences when they move in. An electric dog fence is a lifesaver for the pet owner in this case because you don’t need to put up a fence to secure your furry pet.


If you are looking for ways to keep your pet safe in your yard without the need to monitor his movements all the time, consider installing an electric dog fence. These fencing systems are easy to install and will teach your dog to stay within the set boundaries in your yard. Plus, they are invisible, as no physical barrier is erected to contain your dog.

Ultimately,  install a hidden dog fence to have peace of mind. Your pet will run and exercise in the yard safely without any vigilance, and he’ll be happy. And you won’t have to deal with the prospect of your dog getting into a traffic accident, being stolen or getting harmed because he escaped from your yard.


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